Plein Air

Plein air painting is outdoor on-location painting. It is different from sketching or other indoor life work.

All these paintings were completed on-location.  I do not re-work plein air paintings in the studio; they are very much about the immediate time and space when they were created.

I paint on handmade Alla Prima Pochade boxes and have 2 setups: the small is a Belly River box, and I also have a larger Yellowstone box.
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2021 Church Painting Note:

This year I started doing cathedral interiors.  It gets me out, St Patrick’s is open, and it is good practice.

Churches are still closed for the most part, and I look forward to reopening when I can work with different interiors.
These aren’t technically plein air, but they are on-location work and I’m not sure at this time where else to logically place them on this website.

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