Topiary Cats

The Topiary Cats live in a strange world that is both beautiful and paradoxical. 
It doesn’t always make sense or follow natural law, so they sometimes get into odd situations.

Occasionally the Venus Fly Cats appear and cause trouble. 
They are quite aggressive and can be problematic, but the Topiary Cats always manage to get out of tough situations.

The Topiary Cats have been a wonderful means for developing my creative process.
Each series has a theme which is the starting point of how the images flow and expand.
They all evolve differently, but what they all have in common are the endless possibilities.

Gifts of Abundance 2021

May- December 2021
Pastel on Richeson sanded paper

Non-Series Topiary Cats

Most of the Topiary Cats are part of a series with a theme, but occasionally I’ll do some that are not part of a series.
The below paintings were done over several years using various media.

ArtApart March 2020

This is a series from prompts by the NYC Art Students’ League.
#ArtApart #NoCoronaYesArt

The Gravity Towers, 2017-2018

Turquoise Loitering, 2017

Iridescents, 2014

The Cloud Series, 2014

The First Series, 2013